Another athlete in the family!

Dustin’s last cross country meet of the year was on Wednesday night. He was excited, but if you can believe this, he had to run a mile (timed) in PE about 2 hours before the meet! Anyway, as usual, he performed well finishing in the top 1/3 of the boys in both 5th and 6th grade. He is going to keep on running…and he’s going to get some nice running shoes from ole’ Santie and Mrs. Clause.

The other athlete? Dorothy.

The meet was an invitational to all of our city schools, both public and private, for grades 1-6. Dorothy wanted to participate, so we let her. She started off and fell! I’ll interject a memory of a certain little boy who did the exact same thing a few years back…but like him, she jumped up and kept on running. So, there Dorothy is, on the ground, in last place. She had insisted to me that she was *fast* and *the fastest kid in her class*, but honestly I didn’t believe her…or I thought all the kids in her class must be slow. I wanted to go pick her up, but I refrained and she got up and started running in last place. A few minutes later the kids are re-entering our view and there is Dorothy in the front of the pack! She came in 2nd place for girls with the winner only a few steps ahead. I believe she was in the top 10 overall with boys included. WTG Dorothy!


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