5:15 am on a Saturday

I would just like to thank Miss Maggie for making sure I saw the sun rise this morning. It truely was adorable when she smacked my face and said, “MOMMY.” Yup, I love that. However, a glance over at the alarm clock wasn’t met with a big smile. So, here I am blogging before 7:00am on a Saturday morning while she drives her riding toy around the kitchen talking on her phone to Daddy. Daddy is actually curled up in bed, still sleeping like I should be, but to be fair, he did offer to come downstairs with Mags.


One thought on “5:15 am on a Saturday

  1. It was truly adorable when she called the other morning at 8:00 a.m., too, but I’m a little on the fence on how cute a phone call at daybreak would be….lol…..

    Ah, heck, you know I’d talk to her….grin….even at the crack of dawn!

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