Sick kids making parents feel like jerks.

I know I’m not alone in my sentiments here. I think every single one of us with children has been in my shoes.

Scenario: Your kid is HORRID. Gets in trouble, acts out, just is a general turd. You get on their case, possibly impose some sort of punishment and express displeasure at their behavior (loudly).

The next day….kid wakes with a raging fever, throws up in the night, or goes to school and the nurse has to call for you to pick up.

Verdict: Sick kid who can’t, even at 8 years old, express properly what is going on. Parent feels horrid for not having seen the signs and feels guilty for yelling/taking away tv/no desert/etc.

Hypothetical situations aside. Dorothy was uncharacteristically awful on Monday. She got her first behavior card pulled in over 2 years at school, the last time was 1st quarter in kindergarten. She was a snot to the girls I provide after school care for, and she was a general stinker. I sent her to her room and let her know that books were the only thing she was allowed to do for the evening. Lots of tears, but she complied, perhaps too easily, not even trying to plead her case. Yesterday (tuesday) during naps, I get the call from the school nurse….Dorothy is sick, can you come and get her?

Nice…Mom of the Year.


2 thoughts on “Sick kids making parents feel like jerks.

  1. I’ve got a closet full of those same t-shirts, honey, and I’m sure every other mom out there does, too ~ or will have at some point in motherhood. It’ll be okay. (((((Tara)))))


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