I think I get some extra points for this one

I tossed some clothes in the washer, but didn’t turn it on, thinking I’d wait until morning to add some more things in and then start it. My step-son, John, went downstairs and was going to do laundry so he could go visit his girlfriend for the weekend. He asked if he could just add some stuff to my load and he’d get it all washed and dried. Sure, thanks for not dropping it all on the laundry area floor, kwim?

Next morning, I go downstairs to get my stuff out of the dryer, and what do I find mingled amongst my things? Take a guess….

It wasn’t the whole box, nor a used one…it was just an empty wrapper.

So, of course I’m glad he’s practicing safe sex. Rock on….however….it has been 3 weeks since he saw his girlfriend…um….has it been that long since he did laundry?

I didn’t ask. I did, however, place the now washed & dryed wrapper neatly on top of the clean basket of clothing that belongs to him. I wonder if he’ll notice.


2 thoughts on “I think I get some extra points for this one

  1. lmao….nothing better than finding your clean laundry your mom did….along with a clean rubber wrapper….rotflmao….I imagine there will be no comment from him…..

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