Thanksgiving Edition

I have so many things in my life for which I am thankful.

I am thankful for my family. My husband is my best friend and happens to be the most wonderful man on Earth. He is caring, loving, smart and funny and he works hard to support his family. He knows me sometimes better than I know myself, and he’d say the same for me. My children are all healthy, smart and beautiful to me. They make my days brighter and make me hopeful for the future. They are all loving and compassionate and make me proud. This year I am also thankful that my parents were able to make the move from our hometown 2.5 hours away, and they now reside about 2 minutes away. Not only are they helpful to me, but my children now have the benefit of knowing the older generation.

I am thankful for my home. Even with it’s shortage of bedrooms and the blue carpet, it is mine. I feel fortunate that even in a down economy that we have been able to keep and continue to improve and customize our home. It will never be glitzy and it won’t be free from kid dust for many years, if ever, and that’s okay because it is filled with good times, love and family.

I am thankful for our jobs. Though I do complain about the long hours both John and I work, we are both gainfully employeed.

…and here are a few more things I am thankful for this year…
– the fact that I got 3 Zhu Zhu pets put back for Christmas before they were $60 on Amazon
– my 15 year old big screen TV is hanging on and doesn’t need replaced yet
– that I was able to walk 13.1 miles & run a 5k this year, making my health a little higher on the priority list
– that Dustin was finally able to play a team sport
– that Dorothy was able to cheer on a team
– that Liam went to pre-school
– that Maggie sleeps in a crib
– that John is smartly planning to move out, but not away
– for my MP3 player so my workouts aren’t so dull
– for coffee
– for people who understand the need for coffee
– that my cat hasn’t been hit by a car or mauled by a fox or picked up by an owl
– that my mom gave me some crocs, ugly though they are they are comfortable
– for SpongeBob, who entertains the 4 little kids while I do things around the house


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