It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Seeminly unlike most people these days, we didn’t decorate for the Christmas season pre-Thanksgiving, or even on Thanksgiving day. We waited, and started to decorate the house last night, well, we hung lights outside on the last unseasonably warm day after Thanksgiving, but that is weather related. Anyway, we put our silver Christmas tree with the color changing lights on our front porch in front of our bathroom window. Seriously? Who puts a bathroom on the main level where the window peers out onto the front porch? And, it’s not a small window.

We plan to put our big tree up this week. This year it is going into our master bedroom because we have run out of space on the main level, and I don’t want Liam and Maggie redecorating it continuously. The kids aren’t allowed to play in our room, so this should work. The added bonus is that for the first time, our tree will be visible to the street. I always drive by homes and you see their Christmas tree in the window and it makes me feel all warm and bubbly inside.

The rest of the decorations are trickling out. Anything terribly new or exciting will attract attention, and at 18 months, Maggie thinks everything is hers and she’ll carry around a piece of trash if she thinks it is somehow important to someone. Normally she just carries around things with faces though, they are all “babies”. I can see her hijacking every snowman in the house if I’m not careful.


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