Funny things from the kids

Dorothy neglected to do her chores. I went to my bedroom and on my nightstand was a note from her. It said, “Mommy, Here is a dollar that I owe you for not doing what I was supposed to do. From Dorothy.” On top of it was a tightly folded dollar bill. I’m not sure why she thought she owed me money, but i put it and the note away for storage with the note from several years ago, pre-lettter-formation that said (per her reading it to me), “Dear Mommy, I am sorry I was such a little asshole.”

Go ahead, nominate me for my mom-of-the-year award now LOL!

On the way to the hair cutting place Liam asked if he was getting a hair cut. I told him not this time to which he replied, “But MOM, my hair is just HIDEOUS!”

On Friday, John took Liam and Maggie for the H1N1 vaccine. Liam was visibly upset at the thought of a shot. He asked his Daddy if he would be getting one as they walked into the doctor’s office. John didn’t want to upset him further so he told him that he wasn’t sure. They get called back and the nurse pulls out a needle and asks if Liam wants to go first. John said his eyes were rimmed in red, that he was obviously going to cry. He shakes his head without a word and John puts Maggie up on the table. Her shot is administered, she howls for a moment and then settled down quickly. I wish there had been a camera to capture the look on Liam’s face. The nurse told him he was next and he tries to shrink into the wall, she says, “I’m just going to put something in your nose and you have to sniff real hard.” What? Liam climbed up onto the table and was shotlessly vaccinated and his fears were put to rest.

Dorothy got her H1N1 at school. They gave her the choice, shot or nasal mist. What 8 year old choses the shot? She told me, “It didn’t even hurt.”


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