Falling into the money pit

We are done Christmas shopping. Finally. Five kids, a *promised* future daughter-in-law, family, and each other. That was a fun, but expensive endeavor, and not what I’m refering to when I discuss a money pit.

Nope, that gem is saved for untimely expenses that are urgent right after and/or during the Christmas shopping season.

Item 1) Prior to a 120 mile trip, John took the Suburban in to find out why my 1 month old tire was low. Answer: A screw. Fixable? Nope, it was located in the sidewall. Nice. $200.

Item 2) Plumbing problem. Yup, that’s right. Today I will be calling our “good buddy” Isaac at S&G Plumbing in St. Charles. Isaac is a real personable fella, super nice, and very reasonable with his rates, and he has quality work. He was refered to us by a friend, and we have continued to offer his name for plumbing work. So, it’s a good thing I kept his card because this morning when I went down to work on laundry at 5:30 am, I noticed not a little drip, but a multi-point drip and a soaking wet subfloor surrounding our stack that comes from the 2nd floor kids bathroom. John went down, checked it out and said, “this isn’t good.” Oh. Hell. John can fix EVERYTHING. Seriously, I’ve only seen 3 things in 6.5 years that he was unable to fix: 1)Sewer line when I shoved 9 potatoes and 2lbs of carrot skins down the garbage disposal (Isaac fixed that), and 2)when our tree needed dropped quickly because it was sprouting pecans (a tree man named Mike came and took that down), and when his MAF sensor had issues, he took his car into the shop for the work. That’s it. He has put in an entire bathroom, rewired switches and outlets, added a gas line for my dryer, fixed my washer and dryer, replaced ceiling fans and fixtures, put in new faucets, replaced toilets, fixed drywall, put in a new subfloor, retiled multiple kitchens, changed oil, rotated tires, replaced engine parts, rebuilt the carborator for a lawnmower, changed struts, and pretty much every other thing that can go wrong with a house or engine operated vehicle. So, when John says something isn’t good, that I need to call the plumber I can only believe that this is going to be expensive, time consuming, and beyond the scope of a normal household problem.


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