Training for another half marathon

This one is part of the Go! St. Louis fitness weekend. There is a full marathon, a half marathon, a 10k, a 5k, and many other events, including ones for small children. I’m doing the half marathon, but unlike the one I did in September, my goal this time is to run the entire thing. Now, when i say run, I mean not walk as my run isn’t terribly fast. I joined a group that meets up on Saturday mornings to help keep me motivated and for the comradery that comes with training for a common goal.

I got a new pair of shoes right before Christmas and I’m suffering from shin splints on my left leg. I picked up one of the compression sleeves for it and it definately is offering a great deal of relief and I’m icing it as well. Most people would take some Motrin, but I’m terribly allergic (like I’m the person the warning label talks about who gets facial swelling, difficulty breathing, and hives). Tylenol just doesn’t do the trick and I fear liver damage from excessive usage, so I will tough this one out.

Here is a small confession. WHen I was in the Army I was definately physically fit, however, I didn’t complete the 12 mile forced ruck march. Nope. I rode on the back of the gimp truck for about 2 miles. So, for me, just completing the last half-marathon was a major thing in my book, I was telling myself that I really could do something big if I put my mind to it. This time, I want to beat my last time, and I want to run the whole thing.


2 thoughts on “Training for another half marathon

  1. Have you tried Aleeve? it may help, and it is a totally different drug than Motrin.. I can take Motrin, but Aleeve, that is the one that I am allergic too.

  2. I’m actually allergic to all of the NSAID’s…lucky me huh? No ibuprophen, naproxen, asprirn, celecoxib (Celebrex), or any of the others. I hope I never develop arthritis.

    I did go get a Zensah compression sleeve. It looks like a soccer sock. Amazing the relief it provided almost instantly.

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