Snow, sleeping over and a date

You could smell it in the air, feel it on the breeze and our local weathermen confirmed that it was coming. Snow. The first big snow of the year showed up late Wednesday night, dropping about 5 inches on our town. That, combined with the very cold temperatures that accompanied it was enough to cancel school. We woke Thursday morning to a lovely blanket of snow covering our cul-de-sac.

My boys were eager to don snow gear and get out to play while Dad played with his snow blower. Dustin has been earning money during snows by shoveling, but yesterday he got to play with the snowblower for a little bit. It was so cold with the windchill that I decided he didn’t need to go around the neighborhood with his shovel. He was a bit disappointed, but I think he’ll be okay. Liam had to change out his hat, scarf and gloves mid-play because his were wet. Though our small John slept until noon, he redeemed himself by shoveling the drives and walks of my parents and his other grandparents.

Dorothy was quite sensible and stayed in the warm house to play with a friend. She and O played with the new, 4 foot long, Barbie Cruise Ship. This toy is amazing. Really. I think every little girl who is even remotely into Barbie should have this. Once you get 40 stickers into their correct places it is super cool. There is a pool that you can really put water into, made even neater by the waterslide that Barbie can ride into it! You can close the lid partially and there is a big round light, and music so Barbie can party it up poolside. No wonder the girls stayed indoors!

With a bit of encouragement, John II volunteered to let John and I go out for the evening. Miss Maggie was going to stay all night for the first time EVER with Gma and Gpa. Perfect! The bigger kids stayed with their brother and the littlest went to Grandma’s, so off we went to Fridays. We had a great, kid free, relaxing dinner, and the food was really good too! We didn’t mind that it was bone chilling cold outside, our date nights outside of the house are few and far between, though the older Maggie gets, the more frequent they are becoming.

I was a little worried that Mags wouldn’t actually stay all night, but my mom called me at 9:30 to tell me that bedtime had gone not just okay, but really smoothly, and that unless Maggie was super duper inconsolible at a 3am waking that she was committed to keeping her all night. I woke at 3 to check my phone for a text or a call. Nothing. At 4 am. Nothing. At 5 am, still nothing. It’s now 6:30 am, and I’ve gotten no call or text, so I can only assume the night went well and I’m very excited! This is completely selfish excitement initially….John and I can maybe go stay for a night somewhere KID FREE. We tried in the fall and it didn’t work out. It has been 2 years since we had a kid-free night, and I was about 28 weeks pregnant with Maggie….prior to that, I think it was another 2 years, when I was pregnant with Liam.

Non-selfishly, some of my best childhood memories with my Grandma and Grandpa were the times I got to stay over at their house. I remember my Grandma and I watching Shirley Temple in The Little Princess and Leslie Caron in Gigi. I used to like to put on all of Grandma’s necklaces, perfumes and lotions. I am certain Grandma and Grandpa contributed, possibly started, my coffee addiction because they always kept a little cup just for me so I could have coffee too. I can’t count all the times we played Frogo, a bingo game with silly frogs, or rummy. Now that all of my children can stay over with Gma and Gpa, I would hope that they all are able to form lasting memories of their time there.


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