Shopping with Dorothy

Yesterday, Dorothy and I went to Old Navy to get me some new jeans. Of course, I did get jeans, but Dorothy helped me buy something for her and the other kids as well. First of all, let me talk about ON jeans….The Diva, The Flirt, Boyfriend Jeans, The Sweetheart, these all have rises that are so short I can’t believe anyone who has ever had a child can wear. All of them showed both the front and back of my undies which made Dorothy laugh. I don’t mean kind of laugh, I mean a full belly laugh in the dressing room. One pair, I put on, zipped up and Dorothy said, “It looks like the top of the jeans is missing, Mom.” Yeah, I’ll say. So, ON has a new jean, I guess trying to capture the 30+ crowd. These are called “The Dreamer”. Clever. The Dreamer jeans are for those of us who miss our pre-baby bodies, who dream of a day where the pile of jeans we saved from high school will fit again, and who dream of the desire and time to do P90X. The people at ON are smart, they knew these jeans would have a market, and a big one at that. Capitalizing on the group who might normally be relegated to MOM jeans, they price these jeans at $34.50, about $15.00 more than their normal jeans, I guess the extra material and butt support panel costs more, but I think that they just know that people will pay more to look decent and still somewhat stylish.

I could have used 2, maybe 3 pairs of these great Dreamer jeans, but shopping with a budget, and my 8 year old didn’t yield more pants for me. Instead, we got some cute jeans for Maggie for next year – and they are PINK on the inside! Dustin got some normal boy jeans in a 12Slim, wow he has gotten tall recently. Dorothy just knew he would love them because they were a dark color, she picked. Liam got a Wolverine hoodie, I don’t know that he knows who Wolverine is, but Dorothy just knew he would love this. Finally, she got a shirt. She pawed over dozens, but ultimately decided on one with the Valentines Day Sweetheart candy. Of course. She is a sweetheart for sure!

I think our shopping trip was good. It was full of smiles and laughter, mostly at my expense….and I didn’t even mention how Dorothy was certain that a smaller size would fit me, and how she laughed when I nearly fell over trying to pull them up and how they wouldn’t go past my thighs….and it was a great time with my oldest daughter.


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