Did that just happen?

One of my New Year resolves was to spend more time with the kids, not in front of a television. Last night I made good on my promise to them and took them to the library. The library can be a really great place to relax and spend time with children. Ours has a nice children’s area where you can sit and read, little kids can play or look at board books, and even a small screen for a puppet show. I let my children each pick a book and a movie. Then we all went to the seats, I sat down and read a story that Liam, Maggie and Dorothy enjoyed, while Dustin leafed through his new book.

Before I knew it, several children had gathered round the chair where I was reading to hear the story. The book took about ten minutes to read and all of the children, mine included begged for another story, but it was time for us to go. I felt somewhat uncomfortable leaving, though, because I didn’t see who these children were with, and they were not together. I asked who they were with and each told me either a mom or a dad. I’m not normally one to over-parent, or hover even, but these kids were no older than 3 and 4, who lets their child just wander the library?

We gathered our things, and headed to the check out. I saw a stand next to our checkout that was filled with “Hot Demand” movies and books. These items are new, only available for 3 days and carry a $1 a day fine. I ask if we can get G-Force, not sure if they were on hold since they were right next to the counter. The library lady says sure, so I reach out for the movie, my hand was no more than 5 inches from the movie. Suddenly, a 14 or 15 year old boy snatches the movie. I looked at the library worker, and THE BOY HID IT BEHIND HIS BACK. WHAT??? Really??? Did he really snatch my movie??? His mom just watched and said nothing. If this is how he acts in front of her, I wonder how he acts away from her! I bet she is the type of parent who would just let her 3 year old wander the library and sit with a stranger to hear a story.


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