Gems I can’t forgive if I forget – Dustin Edition

I know there are all of these moments, sayings, feelings and events that I say to myself, “I will always remember this,” but the older I get and the more of these things I add to the mental archive, the less sure I am that I will actually remember them all.

Dustin is full of knowledge. He is quick on his feet and always has a comment. Always. Even if there is something that doesn’t need said, he will say it. Several months ago I was reviewing the Angel Food menu and Dustin grabbed it and started reading, “Chicken breasts, ground beef, pork roast, frozen lasagna dinner…” I ask if everything sounds good. He says, “Yes, except this one thing.” I say, “What.” He says, “Chicken FU-GIII-TUHS.” I grab the menu to see what on earth he is saying because it sounds nasty. Chicken Fajitas. Delicious. I’d all but forgotten this until yesterday when he and I went to Aldi. I was grabbing some pepperocinis and in the same area was something Dustin had never heard of. “Ju-lop-noes.” He says it a couple of times and asks what they are. I say, “You put them on fajitas.” Only, I used his pronunciation for both fajita and jalapenos.

Dustin bit his lip. He said it was bleeding. I said, “Oh no, are you going to die?” He says, “I always do from this sort of thing.”