…and I’m back

I think I’m going to try to blog more often again. I used to really enjoy jotting down my thoughts, but somehow everything in the world became more important. Liam is in kindergarten, and the other day he brought home a picture and story that he made. It says “My Dad makes me happy.” He illustrated his story with a picture of himself smiling and Daddy reaching into *THE STASH* of candy to get Liam a piece. Liam is a serious candy addict. Maggie is working on the potty. I have been diapering a kid for 12 years, and I’m looking forward to not carrying a diaper in my purse sometime in the near future. Dustin is thriving socially, academically & athletically this year and it is so nice to see him. Yes, I wrote that correctly, he is gone a lot between practices, intramurals, and friends. Heck, this weekend we are going camping and he will not be joining us on the first night because it is his best friend’s birthday sleepover. Dorothy is as sweet as ever, though she is becoming increasinglly more and more concerned over her clothing and hair. She is alsoa a HUGE Justin Bieber fan, just the other night she told me when his birtday was. He was born in the year I graduated high school.

I’m still running. I still love it.


One thought on “…and I’m back

  1. Angel HATES, I mean HATES Justin Bieber, so I refer to him as her boyfriend and I have threatened to sneak into her room and hang a poster of him so that he is the first thing she sees when she wakes up… she may start locking her door..

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