What? It’s 2013 already?

Where did last year go? I had just recently told myself I was going to do the blog bit again and i looked, my last entry was in football season!

Back on Atkins Induction right now with the Mr. SuperAwesome. I do think he is super awesome, and I’m glad we can do this thing together. This is going to be the year I get back to my high school weight and the year I quit peeing in my pants when I jump! Most immediately though, it will be the spring i run 2 more half marathons, and in 2 days, a 5 mile race. It will be the spring we camp more, we go to the dirt racing track and drag strip more, and the spring we spend more time making our yard beautiful. It will be the summer we spend more lazy days at the pool, more time tossing a baseball, and more time tending our gardens. This fall will be the year I send my 1st baby to high school, my actual baby to kindergarten, and all 4 of the “little kids” will be in school!!! Plus my stepson is getting married in November!!

Today I am anxious to get off of work. I do love my job, but i’m itching to get down on my treadmill for a few miles. I always feel up when I run, and though the sun has shined the last few days, it is not today. It is dreary & raining. A run will make me feel like the sun shined.

Liam has to have more dental work done Monday. Dustin has a basketball game on Sunday, which is going to require the parent split since Dorothy has Girl Scout cookie kickoff skating party. Thank goodness I keep a big giant whiteboard family calendar to keep it all straight.

I ordered a crapton of yarn today. I’m making these silly little decorative scarves that seem to be really popular. I don’t get them really, but everyone else i know totally digs them. Of course, I live in jeans, t-shirts & sweatshirts, so something decorative wouldn’t really work. I can totally see wearing one and one of the little kids grabbing it and choking me out MMA style, but none of the kids being able to call for help. I say that, but the truth is even the 21 month old here knows how to operate my iPhone better than I do.

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3 thoughts on “What? It’s 2013 already?

  1. Looks like you have an awesome year ahead! I’ll be having my first baby in 2 months and I can’t wait until I get to do some of the family things that you have listed! What type of yarn did you order? Over Christmas, I was able to learn how to make these super adorable scarves out of Sashey (spelling?) yarn! They are really fun, but I agree, totally for decoration 🙂

    • Ha! I used the Sashay also 🙂 It is so frufru! Our local yarn places like JoAnn & Michaels can’t keep the stuff on the shelves, but I ordered it half price today.

      • Haha that’s how it is here as well! That yarn is in such high demand! I have been crocheting for years, and I never even realized that it existed until my little sister showed me how to do it… I am just waiting for things to calm down and then I will start stocking up on it!

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