Monday, monday

When I was in Basic training & AIT in the Army we used to sing cadence everywhere we went. One of the ones that I sing when something becomes very mundane is – Here we go again, Same old Stuff again, Marching down the avenue, 5 more days and we’ll be through, Sound off, 1-2, Sound off 3-4, 1,2,3,4 -3, 4! That’s usually my Monday cadence. Usually is the operative word, because usual is not today.

Today i became even busier than I already was! Today = New 8 week old baby in the daycare, Liam’s basketball season started & today only, Liam is having some dental work done. Tonight we also have Dustin’s basketball practice & Dot has Girl Scouts. I have a PTO meeting as well. Yikes! 

In other news, I PR’ed my 5 mile race. I felt great and ran hard. It was a good race. Dustin’s team lost their game.

It is cold. Cold. Cold. 

Atkins is going well. The hubs lost 20lbs in our Induction. I lost 2. What the heck?