Freedom and running

I love the feeling of the wind whipping my pony tail behind me. I love the smells of trees, the breeze, and rotting leaves. I love seeing icicles along the roots of trees dipping into the edges of a lake. I love the freedom I feel when I lace up my shoes, pop in my Yurbuds and just run. I feel amazing, I feel 16, I feel like I can run forever.

All runs don’t feel great. Some of them I just push through and put in the miles because I know I have a race coming up. Some runs I struggle to get started. When I first got started, I instituted a 10 minute rule. I would push through for 10 minutes and if I didn’t feel like continuing, I could stop at that time. I can’t think of more than a couple runs when I was sick that I stopped. Most of the time, after 10 minutes I know I can finish, even if I modify my original goal.

Saturday I met a friend I’ve run with a few times in a group. She and I have a very close pace and she isn’t real chatty during running. I like that. I like to talk for a mile or two, but after that? I like to just run. It’s nice to have someone on your flank because it keeps you honest and keeps you safe. We picked a location nearby that has paved trails around a lake where the forest has been allowed to grow. It’s peaceful, somewhat busy, so you are alone, but not really. We ran 7.5 miles and I could have easily run 7 more. When we were finished I was actually a little sad. My blood was pumping and I was pouring sweat, despite the chilly temperatures. I think she would have run more, but we both needed to pick our kids up – and I’m glad she understood that. I have another friend I run with, not so much anymore, who doesn’t have children and she can lolly gag about, get coffee, and then grab lunch too if she wants.

Anyway, I think I’ve found a new running buddy. We seem to gel well together and our last 3 miles we didn’t speak a word, but picked up our pace to a 5K race pace, but we weren’t racing, we just felt like running. It felt great.


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