Toy Time at Aldi

I’ve mentioned Aldi’s in the past. I really LOVE Aldi. That store allows me to feed my small army of a family + daycare heathy, deliciously, and inexpensively when compared to large retail grocers. There is very little overhead at the Aldi stores and I think I read somewhere that each store has a maximum of 12 employees. There are no baggers, sweepers or eye-catching end displays, but the food is good, the food is yummy, and we like it.

So, where I was I? Ah…yes…the TOYS!!! Toy time is two weeks a year. All I have to say is WOOT about the prices and the selection! Littlest Pet Shop 12 pack, Fisher Price Little Mommy set with doll, walking/talking Transformer, Spongebob video game, LeapFrog games, and Barbie dolls are in our hillbilly hayloft (the storage space created in the top of our garage by placing plywood across the rafters) along with a stand mixer, crockpot and more! Yup, we hit the toy sale hard this year. My only regret is that I didn’t find a way to show up on Thursday morning at 9:00am when the goods were stocked because I missed out on a really cool fake kitchen set for Maggie and a tool bench for Liam.

39 days till Christmas!


Woot! It’s spring!

Well, not really, and I doubt this lasts, but today we have an expected high of 71 degrees! I turned off the heat yesterday and even opened some windows. This is just what we needed to get that stagnant, nasty, sicky, germy air out of the house…and I’ll be honest here…It will also get the kids OUTSIDE! We sent them all out on Saturday and they had a wonderful time slopping through the mud left behind from all the recent snow melt. I didn’t mind the mud, the increased need for Oxi-Clean, or the one pair of shoes that cannot be rescued from the brown staining, they needed replaced anyway. Today, I’ll draw the line at mud play, but bikes, scooters and balls will be encouraged. This, my friends, is one of the benefits of living in St. Louis…our weather changes frequently and we experience every season. Looking at the forecast, we’ll be back down to the 30’s by Thursday.

Since I mentioned it, let me sing the praises of Oxi-Clean, and it’s good, much cheaperĀ friend the Aldi brand. I almost always have a bucket of something soaking out the stains. I tell you, I’ve yet to find a non-grease stain that wouldn’t come out with the magic of oxygenated water. My secret to stain free kids clothes is this: Fill a one gallon bucket with the hottest water your fabric can handle, add 1-2 scoops of oxygen cleaner (2 for really bad stains) and then add your garment, aggitate a bit, then just walk away. Walk away for a day or three or four, then dump the whole bucket into your washer.