I’m pretty sure this is an illness

Black Friday is over. Yes, my crazy self was up at 4:20 and out the door at 4:30. Why? Because Walmart had some really great deals on toys. Toys? I think everyone else was there for the cheap flat panel TV’s, but there I was standing in line in the freezing cold this morning so that I could score $4 Hannah Montana pajamas, a $15 Fisher Price piano, and tons more stuff to fill the void under our silver Christmas tree this year.  i could have stayed home in my nice warm bed with my husband, Maggie & Liam, who were all snuggled up under a big, warm comforter sleeping, but no, I was out shopping. No, to be correct, most of my time this morning was spent in the police controlled line outside of the store.

Let me tell you, it was C-O-L-D this morning as I stood in the line outside waiting to enter the Walmart, but I can see the smiles that will light up the faces of my children on Christmas morning when they open their presents. It’s worth it.