Sometimes the English language is confusing

Last night we were walking out the door to Tar Kwon Do (I don’t do it, only Dustin – 9 and Dorothy – 7) when I remembered that I needed to make an exchange at a store nearby. I ask Dustin to run upstairs real quick and grap the Casual Male bag sitting on my chest of drawers (see that mom? I spelled it correctly even if I say it wrong).

Five minutes pass, I yell for Dustin to come back down, that we are going to be late. Down the stairs he comes with 2 pieces of paper in his hands and I ask what he was doing. He hands me the papers. I remind him that he went up for the Casual Male bag and he says, “Mom, this was the only casual mail I could find. ”

I immediately realized that he had gone up there looking for mail just laying around and not my *formal* mail that might have been in envelopes.