She would have made a good mother

My little tortise-shell cat Cleo, short for Cleopatra, would have made a really good mother. I wish I could get her one of those little nurse-maid get ups like Nana from the animated Peter Pan movie wore. She is always trying to tend the babies and take care of them. This started when Liam was a baby, every time I’d lay down to nurse him, she would climb up on my side/stomach and watch, which at first was a bit odd, but several years later I’m used to it. She stands guard when my smaller children nap, okay, she gets INTO the crib/pack and play and sleeps at their feet and then comes to find me when baby awakes – how cool! Also, Cleo really likes yarn, I’m certain she would have been a knitter. She understands when it is feeding time and will even help clean up afterwards, especially if we have some sort of ham or snack on cheez-its.

Unfortunately, we’ll never know if Cleo’s mother skillz would have worked on a kitten because the Humane Shelter where we got her spays and neuters all of their adoptees, but I understand why.


Banished to the Basement

My poor little kitty, Cocoa, likes to be around people. This is why he likes to hang out in my daycare. He enjoys sitting on the back of the couch and getting sun. He does not like being cornered, having his ears pulled, hair pulled off of his back, nor does he care for small children getting in his face. He has his claws because I will not declaw him. His natural defense is to put out his claws and smack/bat at whatever threatens him. My children all know to not harrass him, he will let us know when he wants to be petted, because actually he is quite a loving little lap cat. At any rate, he scratched a child yesterday and the parents aren’t happy. I won’t rehome my 6 year old cat and honestly I don’t want to. He is just going to have to learn that the basement is where he belongs during the daytime. I hope he learns quickly because I hate hearing him cry at the door.