Christmas is Coming Soon

The first of October this year, one of our local radio stations switched to All Christmas All the Time. I thought it was a little early, but perhaps I should have taken it as a clue to start shopping. I know that now we are only mid-way through November, but I just blinked and that month and a half passed me by, so I’m certain that Christmas is going to be here soon.

The catalogs have been littering my mailbox and I’ve been handing them to the children as they arrive. My mistake. Now Liam believes that Santa Clause A) shops from the Fisher Price catalog, and B) is going to bring him everything within it’s pages. While he may be correct on one account, Santa’s budget is stretched a little thin this year, and everything in the entire catalog will not be under the tree. However, there are some really great ideas in the now crinkled, ripped, cupcake covered pages and I better sieze the opportunity today to order some of the *exclusive* items before the item numbers are completely unreadable.

Dorothy is fairly easy to buy for this year. Between Hannah Montana, High School Musical, Barbie and American Girl she is covered. Add in a couple of cute outfits, some corker bows and a small bottle of nail polish and she will have won the proverbial Christmas lottery. I really enjoy shopping for her, because I just think of all the stuff I would want to play with and she will like it.

Shopping for Dustin is getting harder every.single.year. He is a fourth grade boy. He plays outside and he plays video games. I really try to discourage the heavy usage of computer & PS2 gaming, but obvious gifts would include Guitar Hero II and more computer games. While I think we’ll get him Guitar Hero, I think we’ll stop there with the technology gifts – which leaves us where? He’s got a couple of basketballs, baseball gloves, footballs, soccer balls and a basketball goal. Clothing is not on the list, though he’ll probably get his annual supply of socks and underwear. He likes playing Army games, so I think maybe a Nerf assualt rifle, some camoflauge pants, shirts and targets might be in order. I know some people think it is a heinous crime to give children toy guns, but over the years I’ve found that little boys as little as 18 months will turn everything into guns from Barbie dolls with their heads removed to gun shaped sticks. We’ll save our dolls and sticks and stick to something intended for the purpose.

John is 19 this year. I just don’t know that Christmas holds the same level of excitement as it does for the littles. After all, he knows the Santa Secret, and bigger than that, he knows that he has to ante up and buy his own gifts for people. This morning though, he really surprised me by telling me that he wants to get Maggie a special doll and that he wants to get Dorothy something to take back and forth between here and her dad’s house. I’m so pleased that he wants to get them something meaningful, and even more pleased that he’s already thinking about it. Because John might come across my blog, I won’t talk about his potential gifts.

Maggie is the baby. She will like anything we give her, but most of all she’ll like the excitement, the bows, the wrapping paper and she will pick up on the happy time that the family is sharing. I think we could all learn a lesson from her.