Cookies, Cats and Firewood

My youngest child is Maggie, age 6 months. Maggie was a wonderful final addition to our family in the last part of spring. She has a ready smile for everyone, though these days she smiles then quickly turns back in for Mama to keep her safe. She has 2 teeth already, and almost enough hair to put in a bow. She has started low crawling across the floor to get from point A to point B. 

We started the adventure into solid food over the last couple of weeks. Wow oh wow, she sure does love those solids. You can tell that she is my 4th child because so far, she has had part of a chocolate chip cookie, part of a waffle, some rice cereal and 1st foods sweet potato. She found the cookie amongst her toys on the floor, left there by Liam I am sure, but can’t prove. The waffle I think was given to her by Dorothy, but she said it was Liam. The rice cereal I give her to make sure she is getting enough iron. I went and bought little jars of baby food, though I am now rethinking that idea, perhaps I should just leave the feeding to my older children to do on the sly. You can tell she is the last, because with my first I might have called 911 when I found my 5.5 month old baby gnawing quite happily on a cookie found on the floor. With my second I would have probably panicked, but called my doctor or maybe my mom for advice. With my third I would have mentioned it on my mom’s board to make sure I’m not the only one this has happened to, but this is the 4th baby, and I did tell my mom, but it was accompanied with a laugh.


Liam is angry at our cat today. I made bacon this morning and Liam had some on a plate. The cat stole a piece. To be more clear, he stole the last piece. Liam screamed at the cat. He informed Cocoa that he is no longer his best friend.


Dorothy was not happy that today was Monday. She wanted to stay in bed. Heck, so did I. Over the weekend she played dolls with one of her friends. She plays with her dolls a lot. She told me that she wished Maggie had come out of her belly. Whoa. Slow down. She told me that she just loves Maggie so much, she wished that she could keep her forever. I’m glad she loves her little sister that much, but the talk of babies will have to stop!


Dustin has had a wicked cough for the last week. My husband read somewhere that Vicks Vapor Rub works well if you put it on your feet and put socks on. Dust was a good sport with letting us try it out last night. We’ve tried everything from honey to Musinex. He is going to the doctor today.


John is at an interesting point in his life. He is for all practical purposes an adult and he is beginning to demonstrate maturity more often than not. His friends are all coming back from school next week. We’ll see how he deals with their continuous party-life while they are here. He has told them that he’s not interested in partying all week because he has to work several mornings….


Probably one of the most exciting things going on in our household recently has been the firewood situation. Our neighbor gave us a 100 year old silver maple last summer, and had it cut into 18 inch logs and stacked on our fence line. This is where it has sat since then, until 2 weeks ago when my husband thought it had properly seasoned, so he rented a log spliter. Nine long hours of log splitting and the stacking began. Oh wow that is a lot of firewood. We have probably enough firewood to last for 3 winters if we have a fire every night. Liam climbed the firewood pile, said he was a bear and his long claws would keep him from falling…he fell. Dustin was going to help stack the wood, and we figured that his help would mostly include standing around, but were surprised that he was actually a pretty big help. Dorothy has pretty much ignored the wood stacking, but is really interested in the prospect of roasting marshmallows. My role has been to watch from the window, bring out warm coffee when the baby is sleeping or occupied, and to clean the neverending mud that keeps being tracked into the house because the area near the pile is a little muddy. We thank our neighbors profusely for the wood, and have invited them over to sit in front of a fire and for a game of scrabble. I hope they take us up on it.