Blue Carpet is making Maggie Smarter

So, we are dropping the floor on our co-sleeper today. Maggie, at a 6.5 months, has started pulling up, and we’d like to prevent her from pulling up and falling over the side of her bed onto the floor below. I’m not sure what I did in a past life to deserve this, but it would seem that our little Maggie has some fairly *advanced* skills, according to the milestone charts at BabyCenter. Of course she does, she is our last baby, so she will stay a *baby* for the shortest amount of time because she wants to keep up with her brothers and sister.

Here are the charts

She is almost exactly 6.5 months and is pulling up, banging objects together, passing objects from hand to hand, and how lucky are we, the pincher grasp that most kids don’t develop until 8-10 months is already developed in our angel. The only logical explanation I have for the pincher grasp development is because she can easily see crumbs, small pieces of paper and lint on our blue carpet, and because she can easily see them, she wants them. Good thing we kept the blue carpet, it is obviously helping to encourage the genius that is our child. The more I think about it, the more I want to keep this lovely carpet until the end of time.

Liam has vowed to continue to drop small crumbs on the floor to help encourage his little sister’s education. How nice of him!