Where do I pick up my award?

What was I thinking when I boiled 18 eggs? Seriously, I think I have finally lost my ever-lovin’ mind. I’m not worried that they won’t get eaten or used, but I may never be the same again after guiding my children through the egg dying process.

Dustin: The careful egg dyer. Ensure that each color is properly represented and that a few eggs are double dyed with one color on each side.

Dorothy: The experimental egg dyer. Overdying colors and long soaks in single colors is the key to really cool eggs.

Liam: The more colors available, the better, and all eggs should go in all cups of dye, even if that means removingĀ a sibling’s egg and putting it into the *wrong* color, or worse, breaking it.

Maggie: Sits and watches and wonders why she can’t fling pretty colors and eat the eggs.

Our egg dye process took about 35 minutes from start to finish. All of our eggs are a muddy shade of blue, thanks to Liam and his assertive personality, though some do have SpongeBob and Hannah Montana wraps on them. Only 4 eggs met with a tragic end before their time.