The New Family Toy and a Liamism

We finally joined the rest of the free world yesterday when we broke down and bought one of those newfangled flat screen TVs. Yup, it’s HD too. This is our *family* gift, but it is permanently located in the Mommy/Daddy bedroom. How fitting that the very first thing we got to watch on our long anticipated 32 inch LCD screen was none other than Little People ABC’s. I cannot tell you how I have hoped to get to watch it on my brand new TV. Seeing little red-haired Maggie, Sonja Lee and Farmer Jed in vivid color singing their ABC’s was nothing less than orgasmic in nature, definately worth the years we waited to take the plunge. The only thing that could have made the already incredible experience better is if we could have first watched The Wiggles shake their stuff in wide-screen format.

Seriously, I am extremely stoked about the TV. Now, if Liam is dead set to watch Diego, Dustin now has the option to go upstairs and watch Ancient Discoveries or the Tale of the Two-Headed Snake and Other Freaks of Nature without a monumental meltdown from Liam over the channel change.  Perhaps John and I could also take in some adult programming…not that kind….I’m thinking something like Full Metal Jacket or Scarface. The other thing I’m glad we purchased was the 3 year protection plan. Though I hope we don’t need it, it will come in handy if one of the kids (probably our 6th kid named Not Me) touches the screen and leaves a black dot or hand print.



Daycare Kid:  Um, was Liam’s dad a bunny rabbit when he was a small kid?

Me: No. Why?

Liam:  Yes he was Mommy! …as he holds up a large painting John did of Bugs Bunny.

Me:  Liam, that is not a picture of Daddy.

Liam:  It IS!