“Where is your coat?”

I know there are several reasons children forget, lose, and otherwise misplace their outerwear. One of the most obvious is that they haven’t worn them all summer and fall, so it is not second nature to remember to put them on when the bitter cold has not yet set in. Another reason is that children get in a big hurry, and the old “out of sight, out of mind” really is true. So, I can understand the loss of a coat, I can. What I find humor in, though, is the reasons that kids give for leaving them behind, and the answers to the big question, “Where is your coat?”.

Last night Dustin and Dorothy went to martial arts. It was chilly when we left, so they both donned their newish winter coats. These coats really cannot be missed, Dustin’s is the old style Army camoflauge print and Dorothy’s is hot pink. I dropped them off at the door and reminded them to remember to bring their coats home.

I admit to my oversight. Dustin had removed his coat in my grocery getter. In hindsight, this is probably what saved him this morning when I told the kids to get their coats on and get ready to leave for school. Both children begin the hunt for something that they should be putting in the same place every day, but of course do not. Five minutes pass and Dustin *remembers* that his coat is still in my car!

Dorothy still can’t find hers. I ask where it is. She tells me she took it off in her room. It isn’t there. Somebody must have moved it! Yes, that’s it, a cat must have put it on and worn it down to the playroom, which is where she was continuing her search after not finding it in her room. Dustin checks my Suburban, surprisingly, it is not in there. My husband checks his car because he picked the kids up last night. Nope. Not in there either. Dorothy continues to *look*. Now, her idea of looking is to stand in the middle of the room and hope that whatever the item is will magically jump out and leap into her arms, which must be a 7 year old girl thing.

I finally ask her if she left the coat at tae kwon do. Of course she can’t remember….


….and yes, a phone call has confirmed that it is indeed at tae kwon do.


Sometimes the English language is confusing

Last night we were walking out the door to Tar Kwon Do (I don’t do it, only Dustin – 9 and Dorothy – 7) when I remembered that I needed to make an exchange at a store nearby. I ask Dustin to run upstairs real quick and grap the Casual Male bag sitting on my chest of drawers (see that mom? I spelled it correctly even if I say it wrong).

Five minutes pass, I yell for Dustin to come back down, that we are going to be late. Down the stairs he comes with 2 pieces of paper in his hands and I ask what he was doing. He hands me the papers. I remind him that he went up for the Casual Male bag and he says, “Mom, this was the only casual mail I could find. ”

I immediately realized that he had gone up there looking for mail just laying around and not my *formal* mail that might have been in envelopes.