Singing the Praises to Glitter

Alone, I braved the coldest weather we’ve had this winter to take not one, not two, not even the three you might expect, but four children to see Santa at our Parents as Teachers holiday event last night. John could not avoid working, so it was all on me. Feed, nap, dress, brush hair, zip coats, everyone go pee, and out the door we go.

Surprisingly, we made it on time! Immediately we were ushered into the hallway for some carolling and a visit from The Man in Red. I think Dorothy might be catching on, she noted that he wasn’t as plump as she had anticipated, but this didn’t stop her from rattling off her entire Christmas wish list to him later on, just in case. Liam stared at Santa in awe and couldn’t wait to tell him about the trains, *hairplanes*, and trucks he hopes to find under the tree this year.

Station 1:  Playdoh with cookie cutters!

Station 2: Lacing holiday plates

Station 3: Snack mix making

Station 4: A gift from my favorites! The Glitter Gods!!! Pine Cones painted with glue, dipped and sprinkled with GLITTER!!!

Glitter, the makers and the people who encourage it’s use have a special place in this world. I think they get a good chuckle just thinking about the delight every parent must surely experience when they find that their child has brought home a glitter project. They think about the joy mom will have when she tries to vacuum the falling pieces, the smile she’ll have as she rolls tape over the floors and tables trying to clean it up, the pure excitement of picking it out of the scalps of all of her children even though only one actually used glitter. Ah, yes, and don’t forget about dad. Yes, Dad may have the most fun with glitter. He really likes for his kids to bring home glitter the day before a big meeting with his boss and the boss above him, because it is guaranteed that no matter where the glitter project is in relation to dad’s work clothes, it will most definately sport at least 4 or 5 flecks. Dad really thinks glitter is a nice touch on his eyelashes too. In fact, dads everywhere sing the praises of glitter and wonder why their kids don’t bring it home more often!

Moving past the glitter, we saw Santa, sang some more songs and headed home with new books, chex mix and glitter pinecones. There was a spot on the exit survey that asked what could make the event better for next year and I was tempted to write, “Open Bar next to glitter event”, but I refrained and said the party was perfect, that the kids had a wonderful time.