Lies, sneakiness and knitting

I don’t understand why good kids don’t rub their behavior off on not so good kids, it seems to always be the opposite. Dorothy started hanging out with a new friend recently. She was conviniently located less than a block away and is in the same 1st grade class. You may recall my recent entry about Dorothy lying and stealing, I thought that was the end of it. Apparently, the punishment wasn’t severe enough.

Sunday morning she lied again. The only change we have had recently is the new friend, so Dorothy is being strongly encouraged to not play with this little girl anymore. Dustin had told us that she lied and stole and wasn’t a good influence on his sister. He was right. I’m hoping that a trip to the police station, the county jail and the juvenile detention center make a lasting impression. In addition to the jail visits, Dorothy is unplugged and is not allowed to do anything except sleep and go to school without me by her side. She is not to play with toys, listen to the radio, write on her whiteboard, nothing. She can read, help me cook, help with laundry, think, write and knit. I think she is finally taking this to heart, and she and I are getting a lot of time together, so we’ve been knitting and talking. Check out this set she made!