Bust out the SHORTS!

Well, I don’t know that 60 degree weather means all that, but golly to an almost 10 year old boy this is just what he’s been waiting for! Admittedly, we have been outside to play several times today, and I’ve rather enjoyed the short sleeves.┬áDustin came in this afternoon so stinking excited, he’s “burning up” and really needs short sleeves. Okay, I tell him to go ahead and put them on. Who knew he had shorts ready to wear as well! He and his bike are outta here!

Liam has ridden his 4-wheeler today so much that the battery needs recharged, and I think Maggie has gotten a fair amount of the yearly requirement of dirt ingested. I draw the line at sticks. And where is Dot? Well, she checked out The Secret Garden last night at the library, so she’s holed up in her room knitting and watching her movie. Our resident moron cat took the first opportunity he could get today and escaped out the door…hopefully he comes home in a timely fashion, preferably without fleas.

An update: I sent them out

The weather ended up being gorgeous. They played outside all afternoon, and hopefully they will all sleep soundly tonight….this would be nice so I can start pies and whatnot for tomorrow & the next day’s celebrations.

One of the extra school-aged kids here today seems to have had an accident of sorts. I came in the playroom and would have sworn the darn cat crapped somewhere, and I asked the kids to help me find where. Then, I realize, it is not cat droppings, this child is where the odor is coming from. I offered him up a plausible explanation that he must have stepped or sat in doggie doo outside today along with a clean pair of pants. I think that saved him some embarassment. He changed, walked back in the room and Dustin makes fun of him for wearing sweatpants and I say, “Dude, those are yours.”