Must be doing something right

For everything I have done wrong on this parenting parade, I must also be doing something right. My children are so compassionate to each other and to others. They are loving, giving, and, if I catch them on the right day, selfless.

In fourth grade there is no longer a “red light, green light” system for behavior. The children in Dustin’s class have the opportunity to earn and lose currency. Good behavior for a day might be worth $25.00, talking out of turn might be a $5.00 penalty. The kids also have classroom jobs like lunch monitor, paper returner, library helper, etc. for which they receive compensation. Every so often the class gets to go shopping. The store contains pens, pencils, erasers, little rubber spiders, play jewelry, tiny notebooks, candy and soda.

On Wednesday Dustin got to go shopping. He doesn’t get into much trouble in school, he knows that the trouble would be far worse at home, so he had accumulated a great deal of currency. Here is how he spent his hard earned money:

  • an inkpen for me
  • 10 rubber bats, spiders, monsters for Liam
  • a Shrek baby for Maggie
  • candy and a pencil for Dorothy
  • candy and a pencil for a child I babysit after school
  • candy and a pencil for himself

He was so proud of himself, he even remembered that Liam couldn’t have candy, so he made sure that he, Dorothy & A consumed it on the way home.

Stuff like this makes me very proud of my son.