Freedom and running

I love the feeling of the wind whipping my pony tail behind me. I love the smells of trees, the breeze, and rotting leaves. I love seeing icicles along the roots of trees dipping into the edges of a lake. I love the freedom I feel when I lace up my shoes, pop in my Yurbuds and just run. I feel amazing, I feel 16, I feel like I can run forever.

All runs don’t feel great. Some of them I just push through and put in the miles because I know I have a race coming up. Some runs I struggle to get started. When I first got started, I instituted a 10 minute rule. I would push through for 10 minutes and if I didn’t feel like continuing, I could stop at that time. I can’t think of more than a couple runs when I was sick that I stopped. Most of the time, after 10 minutes I know I can finish, even if I modify my original goal.

Saturday I met a friend I’ve run with a few times in a group. She and I have a very close pace and she isn’t real chatty during running. I like that. I like to talk for a mile or two, but after that? I like to just run. It’s nice to have someone on your flank because it keeps you honest and keeps you safe. We picked a location nearby that has paved trails around a lake where the forest has been allowed to grow. It’s peaceful, somewhat busy, so you are alone, but not really. We ran 7.5 miles and I could have easily run 7 more. When we were finished I was actually a little sad. My blood was pumping and I was pouring sweat, despite the chilly temperatures. I think she would have run more, but we both needed to pick our kids up – and I’m glad she understood that. I have another friend I run with, not so much anymore, who doesn’t have children and she can lolly gag about, get coffee, and then grab lunch too if she wants.

Anyway, I think I’ve found a new running buddy. We seem to gel well together and our last 3 miles we didn’t speak a word, but picked up our pace to a 5K race pace, but we weren’t racing, we just felt like running. It felt great.

This is how we do it

There is nothing quite as exciting as a house full of people in quick motion because somehow Mom & Dad slept through the alarm. We woke up this morning with exactly 10 minutes to spare before Dustin’s ride would be at our house and my first daycare kid would arrive. Yup, 6:53 a.m. I jumped out bed, ran to Dustin’s room threw on the light and tell him to move, we seriously overslept, then I quietly tell Dorothy so i won’t wake Maggie. Down the hall to Liam’s room – normally Daddy wakes him up and dresses him because he is a lolly-gagger in a major way, but not today i tell him he must get up and get dressed, like NOW.

Down the stairs I fly with a toothbrush in my mouth, still wearing my workout clothes from my run last night. I had intended to shower, but a clean shirt will have to do. I pre-prep as much of the kid lunches & John’s lunches every night while I’m cleaning up dinner & getting the coffee ready for the next day. This morning I am tossing pre-cut fruit, boiled eggs, pkgs of fruities, pepperoni, sandwiches, salads, dressing, bottles of water into bags while pushing the levers on the toaster down to cook toaster strudels (a very rare treat that I just bought impulsively last night). Meanwhile the iron was heating and I was spraying the pants with Bounce ironing spray. I love that stuff, it’s like starch, but doesn’t flake. Dorothy comes down and I’m giving instructions to please put lunches & snacks into backpacks, get her breakfast, hand Liam his breakfast and to hurry up with all of the abovve. My door opens and two kids walk in, Dustin walks out with his breakfast in hand at 7:03. Ten minutes. The next 9 minutes are pretty calm considering the first 10. I give my daycare kids some food, Dorothy and Liam eat and John is somewhere spraying down with Axe because of course there was no time to shower and I try to not scald myself with my lifeblood – I of course mean coffee. 7:12, we have been awake less than 20 minutes and Dorothy & John head out the door for the day.

Wow. I feel like I ran a marathon, and because of my clothes I smell like it too, though I actually only ran 3.5 miles last night. Guess perfume to the rescue! Now I smell great, and look well, like I just woke up. The only person exempt from the crazy this morning was Maggie who somehow slept through it all.

So today is January 10th or 11th and it is suppose to be about 70 degrees, we expect snow in 2 days. I am running a 5 mile race tomorrow morning and I’m pretty sure it won’t be a PR kind of day. I have a great playlist and I’m doing it with some great girls that pretend to like me and enjoy my company. I think they like me, I’m pretty sure they do, but they like to talk and run, I usually pop my earbuds in and enjoy the safety of pack running. We usually don’t socialize during the week. I do like these girls though and I’m glad I have similarly paced people to run with.