We survived…the highlights and the gifts that fail to delight

The holiday went well. Yesterday was trash day, and I was slightly embarrassed at the full dumpster surrounded by 13 bags of trash, a full recycle bin (full size dumpster), a Little Tikes kitchen box full of recycle, and since our neighbor was out of town, we used their trash cans too – thanks Kristi LOL!

Starting with the youngest…
Maggie – favorite gift – Little Tikes Smart Kitchen, she loves putting the food in the pan or on the cutting board and hearing it tell her what the item is. She also loves taking apart the fruits and cooking like Mommy.

Liam – favorite gift – this is a toss up between the Fisher Price Smart Fit Park and his MP3 Player (Disney Mix Stick). The Smart Fit Park is like a Wii for little kids aged 3-6. He has spent several hours racing through the park, splashing in puddles and playing jump rope. Last night he was so tired when he finished that he fell on the floor and said, “I nearly broke my favorite leg.” Hmmm…I had no idea that he had a favorite leg, but I sure am glad it didn’t break. The MP3 Player is outstanding, very easy to load songs too, easy to operate, and seems very durable already. We bought some output reducing headphones made for children to go with it so that he doesn’t hurt his little ears. His favorite song is “Kiss a Squirrel,” if you listen to country music, you may recognize this tune as “Kiss a Girl,” by Keith Urban, Liam just sings it wrong.

Dorothy – favorite gift – a suitcase full of Littlest Pet Shop animals and accessories or the Barbie Baby Doctor set. She immediately removed all the little animals, organized them, set them up by which ones fit into which families, and pulled out her book of identification and personalities. Who knew so much was involved in the world of little animals?! The Barbie Baby Doctor has a million little pieces and two little babies with the stuff to weigh them, diaper them and so on. She really enjoys playing pretend with both of these and I think this may be the last year for toys like this being so exciting. She was thrilled with all the clothing and I see next year’s gifts being more clothes, necklaces and accesories than toys. She really hasn’t expressed too much interest in gaming systems, but we’ll see if that changes.

Dustin – favorite gift – Wii. If you have one or have played one, you understand. Dustin’s gifts are getting more expensive by the year, but he has really shown some responsiblity in taking care of his things and I’m awfully proud of him.

John – favorite gift – I have no idea. We gave him a lot of stuff so that when he moves out in May he will have a well stocked kitchen with hopefully everything he needs from a small crockpot to a knife set.

I got John, my husband, a 14 drawer rolling tool chest. He loves it. He put it together in the freezing cold garage – temps outside were about 25 degrees and our garage is neither heated or insulated well. He wasn’t surprised, he knew I got if for him this year, but it was something he really wanted. I’m glad I could make him happy.

He got me a diamond ring. I didn’t have one, and I had asked for a right hand ring. I didn’t expect this and it made me cry. I love it and I love him. I feel so lucky to have such a wonderful husband.


I didn’t fight crowds or pay more than $8/piece for the Zhu Zhu Pets. Thank Gawd. All 4 of the small kids opened a little hamster. Dustin opened his, looked at it and handed it to Dorothy. Dorothy wanted to love hers, both of them since she now had Dustin’s, but they just aren’t that exciting. She thinks they are cute and has played with them for a few minutes, but the ball keeps falling apart and other things are more exciting. Liam likes his *Little Fella*, but other than a few runs in the car, it has become an accessory to The Bat Cave and can frequently be seen hanging from a rope waiting to be saved by Batman and Robin. Maggie has taken the most interest in her little Zhu Zhu pet. She wraps it up in a blanket and carries it around like a baby and she pushes it in a stroller. She enjoys the noises it makes and likes to let it run on the kitchen table and fall off. Final review: Though this toy holds the interest of my 19 month old she isn’t in the intended age group for the Zhu Zhu, nor does she use it for it’s intended purpose. My three children who this was likely marketed for are completely uninterested, and I am so glad I didn’t pay the largely inflated internet prices for them.

Fail: Gloves for John the Dad. Yeah, they are still up near the tree. LOL!

Fail: Presents for MIL….she has yet to get them or to give anyone at this house a gift….so much for celebrating the holiday as a family.

Fail: Gingerbread house. Cute, but not $40 cute.