We can’t have nice things

My wonderful husband bought me a lovely comforter set for Christmas. I got something in it that I haven’t had in years….a dust ruffle…..and something I don’t know that I’ve ever had….froo froo pillows. To be exact, it contained a roll pillow, a small square and a bigger square with a little tassle in the center, all very cool. I knew when I walked down to the tree that that big, puffy package had to be a new bedding set, because I’ve rotated the same worn out, slightly too small (queen sized) comforters ever since we got our new bedroom set, and I’m certain John knew how happy a new set would make me. Our bed is a king size, so even our super capacity washing machine will not be able to handle this beautiful new comforter, not that I would need to wash it right away or anything.

Two nights after Christmas in the middle of the night, Maggie starts coughing. Yup, you know where this is going. The gag reflex isn’t so hot for Maggie, and my poor baby barfed on the upper edge of my new comforter, despite all my efforts to position her over my body so that it would just hit me and not the bed. After I change her, redress myself, and nurse her back to sleep I clean the edge of the comforter as best as I can with a washcloth, water and SoftSoap.

BUT WAIT! That’s not all. There is more!

This morning, I hear Liam stirring at the ungodly time of 6:30am as I try to ready myself for the day, in the dark. Liam climbs out of bed. I ask if he needs to go potty. He says that daddy is in there. I figure we are good for a minute or two. Nope, try again! Liam sits on my gorgous little roll pillow and with a small sigh releases his little bladder in it’s entirety.

Now all that’s left is for the cats to claw up the dust ruffle and for one of the big kids to accidentally forget that they dragged their arm through a large glob of ketchup at dinner and stain up one of the lighter spots when they plop down on my bed to watch some SpongeBob. When this has happened, I’ll be sure to blog about it, because it will complete the transformation of my nice, new comforter set  just like everything else in these four walls that I love to call home – comfortable, cozy, well-loved, broken in…but not what most people call *nice*.  Today I’ll say I’m okay with that, but sometimes I just wish I could have something nice for more than a day.


I asked Liam if he wants to get his hair cut today. He said no, he wants to grow it long so he can be like a monkey. 🙂 Such a sweetie.