Missing the Kids and A Present for Santa

This year, it’s my turn to be shafted when it comes to holiday time with Dustin and Dorothy. I just sent them off to their dad’s for the week, they’ll return on the 25th and leave again on the 31st. I’m a little sad that they are gone because I miss them terribly. I miss the constant chatter, the bad jokes, the hugs, the kisses, the thousands of question, and a kazillion little things. I’d be lying, though, if I didn’t admit that I am looking forward to getting the laundry caught up – two children create a lot of laundry, and theirs will be missing this week.

This being the week before Christmas, there are a lot of presents stashed throughout our home. Liam and Maggie aren’t old enough to go looking for presents, so we’ll be able to stash things in fairly open sight without the little bitties even noticing. This is a good thing because though I haven’t climbed up and looked, I imagine our hillbilly hayloft (plywood thrown across the garage rafters) is full…either that or John didn’t want to rearrange it to put the train table up there. Good thing I saw that sitting in the garage today, because sometimes when we leave the house we exit through the garage, today we will go through the front door.

I still need to do some shopping. I think Santa might want a present or two, and he’s declined the Aftershock. While I’m sure the big guy would be happy with kisses and hugs, he might like something gas powered…like a really cool sleigh like this

Santa might like this sleigh

Santa might like this sleigh

I don’t think it will fit all of our kids though, so he may have to settle for something a little smaller and also a little easier on the wallet. I don’t think they sell those at Home Depot either, and I’m fairly certain that’s where Mrs. Clause likes to shop.