Is it too cold to send them out to play?

Today is one of our kazillion days off of school. I don’t normally mind the days off because it means that my big kids will be here along with some extra big kids that I make some extra money from (and bonus, they entertain my kids). However, I prefer days off to occur when it is above freezing.

I can’t send the kids out to play by the creek, on the big ole swingset/fort, with waterguns, or even in the leaves when there is frost on the ground. Dustin is still *unplugged* so television, video games, etc. are not a great option, how mean would I be if I let his friend play SmackDown while Dustin sat in the hallway? Ten thousand thank yous to my wonderful husband for cleaning up the basement so the kids can be loud and play down there while little bittys sleep.


Maggie is cutting teeth and has a snotty nose today. She isn’t wonderfully pleasant. Poor baby, I hope this is a short process.


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I have so much to be thankful for….one thing being that I didn’t hit *confirm purchase* on my Gymboree order yesterday, I found out that everything will be 30% off starting at 11pm CST tomorrow night and I can use my 20% off coupon on top of that AND another addded bonus is that they are giving out Gymbucks!