She would have made a good mother

My little tortise-shell cat Cleo, short for Cleopatra, would have made a really good mother. I wish I could get her one of those little nurse-maid get ups like Nana from the animated Peter Pan movie wore. She is always trying to tend the babies and take care of them. This started when Liam was a baby, every time I’d lay down to nurse him, she would climb up on my side/stomach and watch, which at first was a bit odd, but several years later I’m used to it. She stands guard when my smaller children nap, okay, she gets INTO the crib/pack and play and sleeps at their feet and then comes to find me when baby awakes – how cool! Also, Cleo really likes yarn, I’m certain she would have been a knitter. She understands when it is feeding time and will even help clean up afterwards, especially if we have some sort of ham or snack on cheez-its.

Unfortunately, we’ll never know if Cleo’s mother skillz would have worked on a kitten because the Humane Shelter where we got her spays and neuters all of their adoptees, but I understand why.


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